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Meet the Crew

BARD Games publishes board games for the specialty game industry. Focused on unique brands, positive play testing and promoting the wonderful board gaming industry, BARD Games is dedicated to gamers who love casual play, exciting themes and fun!

Brandon Raasch, Caricature

Brandon Raasch — Founder

A middle school discovery of Dungeons and Dragons in the 80's began Brandon's life long love of gaming. Following years of playing board games and a career in business management, he produced and crowdfunded his first game in 2014, Dubious Alliance. After publishing two more games, he launched BARD Games dedicated to bringing designers, publishers, brands and customers together. Since then he has collaborated with other game designers and publishing organizations to support and create exciting games for all. As an avid convention go-er Brandon loves exploring what's trending and what's around the corner. His hobbies include gaming (guess you knew that), kickboxing, traveling, and parenting 3 outstanding kids.

Eric Kearney, Caricature

Eric Kearney — Founder

Starting as most of us did I began gaming with the usual assortment of family board games. In early grammar school I switched almost exclusively to video games (Diddy Kong Racing N64 for those who know), Halo in middle school, and finally to World of Warcraft in high school. It was not until college at University of California, Santa Cruz where I discovered Dungeons and Dragons and began falling in love with board games all over again. Since then I try everything, with the hopes of finding my new favorite game. With BARD Games I intend to bring new marketing and project management strategies to the world of game design and create games that customers love. Join me on this great journey!