5 Essential Do’s and Don’ts for a Game Convention

Posted by Brandon Raasch on Nov 22nd 2017

 5 Essential Do’s and Don’ts for a Game Convention

A Guide to a Stellar Convention Experience

Your friendly neighborhood bards are here to boost your spirits with another strategy guide to getting the most our of your convention.

You will find lots to see and play. Multi-day conventions can wear down even the most experienced player or charismatic bard. Below are some ways BARD Games keeps up a fast pace.

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1. Designate Breaks and Eat Actual Food

Proper food and rest will help you make it through those long game nights. At BARD Games we like to have at least one nice dinner together during our convention exploits. Have healthy snacks if you can throughout the day. Check if there is a market close to the convention where you can pick up supplies for relatively cheap. This is an added bonus because you don’t have to travel with them. Just budget accordingly.

2. Have Backup Plans for Your Events

Not every event will work out. Perhaps it’s no fun, or maybe the spot was taken in the game shuffler. That doesn’t mean you have to be bored. Using this time for breaks or pickup games can keep your con rolling. Keep the convention program of events handy to line up some backups. These are often in print but some conventions also have app downloads.

3. Meet Other Gamers

Pickup games, meetups, and proto-spiels are well spent game time. They present opportunities to try new and unpublished games with a new circle of players. Watch for wandering players who can fill that last spot at your table. Many con gamers attend year after year, and become permanent additions to your gaming family.

4. Don’t Be a Bio hazard

For the safety of you and those around, please do not forget to shower (or bath if you are afraid of falling water). Don’t forget tissues or hand sanitizer. There are a lot more things at the convention that you don’t want to get involved with. Bring enough clothes for everyday of your trip. And please don't go if your are a plague carrier!

5. Be Safe

Going down dark alleyways or mysterious caverns with your role playing group may be normal, but don’t do it at a convention. Not everyone at the convention or around it has the best intentions in mind. Use good judgement when going out after a late night of gaming. Always have check-ins planned with others in case you touch a sphere of annihilation.

Don't Forget

Conventions are what you make them. Plans change and just like a game you may have to adapt your strategy. Take care of yourself and your party. I hope you enjoyed our checklist to keep you alive at a convention.

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