5 Essential Tips on Navigating Game Convention Halls

Posted by Eric Kearney on Nov 22nd 2017

 5 Essential Tips on Navigating Game Convention Halls

A Guide to Enjoying the Dealer Room

Much like a boss fight the main event of a game convention can be the exhibitor hall. So gear up and get your stamina potions ready. These tips and tricks

The sales floor of a convention should not be missed. Many convention exclusives will be available in this room only. This grand event can be daunting to some, but I’ll get you through it with our tips below.

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1. Don’t Get Stuck in the Crowd

Just because there is a line doesn’t mean it is good. Don’t waste your time waiting to check out every hot new game. If you want to try one, wait for the line to thin out. Demo some other games while waiting. Always check in with the host of the booth or game to know when would be a good time to come back.

2. Group Activities

It’s very easy to spend many forgotten hours in the main hall or dealer room. Don’t forget other commitments or friends. Look for demos or activities that you can do together. Be sure to be supportive because they may have different interest. Always have a meetup in place if you decide to go on a side quest.

3. Business Cards and Pictures Are Your Friend

Don’t forget that when buying something you will have to cart it around until you return to base camp or even home. Grabbing business cards and pictures of games you are interested in will help you find it at your local game store or online. Of course, this excludes exclusive items only available at the convention. We pack an extra bag to fill as luggage on our return flight.

4. Respect Others Time and Space

As awesome as you may be other convention goers deserve the same respect. Be patient. Don’t crowd others personal space. The same goes for in game behavior. Be supportive and help others have fun. Win and lose with dignity. Excuse yourself as needed. There are a lot of people in a small space so help make it enjoyable for all. Cosplay is not consent.

5. Try a Random Game

Play a game you have never heard of. This will give key insight to the kinds of games a publisher produces and expand your gaming knowledge. If by some unprecedented critical die roll you know every game at the convention... Congratulations! You win life.

Don't Forget

Some conventions are so big that you will not be able to do everything in the main hall. Don’t worry. Keep your eye out for those convention exclusives and make sure you can connect with other vendors later. I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to get the most out of convention main halls.

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