Fickle Takes Flight on Kickstarter at Kublacon 2019!

Posted by Eric Kearney on Feb 20th 2019

BARD Games is excited to announce our Fickle board game Kickstarter will go live at KublaCon 2019...

BARD Games is excited to announce our Fickle board game Kickstarter will go live at KublaCon 2019. Fickle brings Amy Brown’s outstanding fairy art to life with a fast, fun, casual card game featuring many of Amy’s fairy illustrations drawings never before used in board games. To invite nationwide fans to get their copy, Fickle will launch pre-orders on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site. To celebrate, BARD Games will host a launch party at KublaCon.


What is it?

Will you be the next Fairy Queen? Rally fairy houses to join your court and crown you the next queen, use their abilities to acquire the most influence and sabotage the courts of your opponents! Fickle is a light-hearted, set collection card game for three to five players, with a 20 minute average play time, for ages 12 and up.Fickle features the world famous art of Amy Brown Fantasy Art. Inc. and is the first published game by BARD Games LLC in 2019.

Fickle Board Game


The team at BARD Games has hosted fun Kickstarter campaign launches at Kublacon in the past and is ready to do it again. Our fans in the gaming community always make it a great time and are the key to our success! This will be our first Kickstarter of the year so come check out what we have to offer!

The Fae of Amy Brown


BARD Games will host a big game event in the main foyer where players can sample the game, take selfies in our fairy photo playground and pre-order on Kickstarter for surprise drawings. Additional Information about the Kickstarter campaign will be available at the BARD Games booth located in the dealer hall for the duration of the convention.

“KublaCon has been such a wonderful partner for our past Kickstarter events, and I am excited about bringing the fairy world of Amy Brown to one of the best game conventions around! In the past we have brought Orcs, a Lich King and Roman Generals to the main lobby, this time the beautiful Fae will ply their magic to trick the King of Cons and steal the show.” -Brandon Raasch, Founder, BARD Games

Fairies at play


Fickle began as a game concept by Glenn Cotter where players secretly trick their opponents into playing cards. As the game matured the focus shifted to include unique press your luck control of opponent’s cards and customizable play style by choosing which fairies to use in your game. This game project peaked when we partnered with Amy Brown’s fairy world to bring her fans a game that celebrates her amazing fairies.

“BARD Games is very excited to launch our 2019 year with Fickle. I believe this project embodies what our brand sets out to do; connecting the game community with unique brands to produce fun games with exciting themes for our customers.” -Eric Kearney, Founder, BARD Games

The Fairy Courts

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