Get Board Games Home From Conventions

Posted by Jonathan Grothe on Dec 4th 2018

Get Board Games Home From Conventions

You got time off, booked flights, and budget to splurge on board games. There is still one major piece of planning before going to any board game convention. How to get all your new games home? Those lucky enough to live close to the game convention can just fill up the trunk. The rest have to fit them in luggage, or ship them home. Let's break it down by cost from cheapest to most expensive.

Contact Your Local Game Store

Reach out to your local game store to see if they can bring it to the store for you. Better yet ask the game company if they could ship it directly to your home. Some game companies will ship you the game at no extra charge if they ran out of it at the convention.

Take Extra Luggage

The most practical and self sufficient method is to bring extra luggage to check home. Bring a duffle bag stuffed into your carry on to only pay for checking it on the way back. Or pick up new luggage from goodwill or similar around the convention.

Ship It

Most convention centers also have attached shipping companies such as Fedex, offering to ship the games home. This however can get pricey fast. Only use it for anything that overflows the first method. Make sure to avoid the last day of the con to ship games or you will wait in long lines.

Wrap Up

You got this! Now you know how to get your new games home. Be sure to plan ahead to minimize headaches at the end of your next board game convention.

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