How to Back the Fickle Board Game Kickstarter

Posted by Eric Kearney on May 1st 2019

How to Back the Fickle Board Game Kickstarter

Fickle Kickstarter Launches May 21st 2019

Have you ever used Kickstarter? No? Not a problem! We’ve got the steps to support Fickle and help us create this great game. Crowdfunding is a great way you can help launch new projects like board games. Let’s go!


  1. Go to the Fickle Project Page to get the link to our Kickstarter campaign. The link will only work after the campaign begins at 3:00 PM PST, Tuesday, May 21st, 2019.
  2. Once on Kickstarter, select your backer reward level. You’ll find videos, backer level options, stretch goal progress and reviews of Fickle. Every backer is important to us! Your reward level can include the Fickle board game, and other items described on the page. Keep in mind that the game will get bigger and better as more backers unlock stretch goals.
  3. You can also upgrade your rewards with Add-Ons. Think of them as ‘a la carte’ items. Double check that your backer level includes all the rewards you want.
  4. Guest Checkout or Create an Account. Like most websites, Kickstarter needs your email to send you information about the project, including your backer level confirmation. You can either create an account, use your Facebook account or checkout as a guest.
  5. Confirm Payment. To back a project you must use a valid credit or ATM debit card. Kickstarter will ask you to enter your credit card information. Learn more about their Backer Trust Policies.
  6. Pledge Confirmation. After you complete your pledge, Kickstarter will send you an email. We’ll use the same email to keep you up to date from the start of the campaign until you receive your rewards.
  7. Engage with your fellow backers. Use the Fickle campaign Comments section to get your fellow backers excited, to answer questions for other backers and to invite others to support our project. Give us your input by commenting as we send you updates.
  8. Share the Fickle Kickstarter. Projects succeed because backers band together to raise funds for something new. Your pledge means we are one step closer to making a great game. Invite others to back the campaign to unlock stretch goals, making your reward even better!


The Kickstarter campaign goes live at  3:00 PM PST, Tuesday, May 21st, 2019. Join us at our Facebook Event to get launch updates. Need a reminder? Subscribe below to get a reminder for your calendar!