How to Select the Right Web Platform

Posted by Eric Kearney on Jan 21st 2019

How to Select the Right Web Platform

Get what you need now, and for the future.

Selecting the right web platform can seem daunting. You've seen more than a few advertisements on how easy a particular platform is. But is it easy for you? This will vary depending on your website's purpose, your technical skill, and budget. BARD Games has some tips to help you select the right web platform.

Start with your Goals

Why do you want a website? Trying to sell products or services, display event photography work, or share your Ideas through captivating blog/webpage content? Depending on the goals, certain platforms will be more suited to your needs. Think about what you plan to do the most of on the website. It is very important to consider your technical skills here. If you have worked with or on websites before your options may be a little more open. The last thing you want is a website you can't use.

Plan for the Future

Look five years down the road. By that time your goal may have evolved. Focusing on content may have become a secondary goal of selling your services or products. Technology will have evolved as well. You want to have the flexibility to meet those goals with your platform or move to a new solution. So take the time to think big so that you can ask more questions when evaluating all of your web choices.

Weighing Your Options

Selecting a website platform is a lot like selecting a car or service plan. Most platforms will host your domain and give you a page editor. But is that enough? What about email signup lists, e-commerce stores, image hosting, and site security? Don't be scared. Some or none of those may apply to you now. Remember this is about asking questions. Get your questions together, and then ask them when comparing platforms. In fact, a lot of comparisons have already been done. Checkout this  comparison article from WP Beginner.

BARD Games Story

When BARD Games started out our primary goal was to generate a marketing base. We wanted to generate content to help our potential customers. So we created a site where we could publish content and capture customer information to inform them of our projects and updates. Over time our needs evolved to also require a robust online store to generate sales. We began with  Weebly and eventually moved to BigCommerce. We leveraged internal skills to change platforms as one of us works in retail e-commerce. As things change we keep asking, "Does this platform give us the flexibility I need?" If the answer is no then its time to search for a new web platform/ or website add-on to help meet our goals.

Are You Ready?

Get your goals and questions together. Make a list of what you want and more importantly what you don't want. Then just start searching. There are plenty of great options out there. Time to find the right one. Now get going!

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