Meet the Artist Behind Fickle's Fae - Amy Brown

Posted by Eric Kearney on Mar 27th 2019

Meet the Artist Behind Fickle's Fae - Amy Brown

Where do the Fairy's of Fickle come from? Through an exclusive license with Tate & Company BARD Games has brought the magic of Amy Brown’s fairies to life in Fickle. Never before have they been used in a card game. Here’s a little more information about Amy.

Amy Brown began painting in 1992. She quickly achieved success as a painter and now has painted over 2000 different illustrations. Amy is best known for her many fairy illustrations, and has gained renown for her fairies in books, art and even tattoos. Amy primarily uses watercolor for her pieces as well as colored pencil, ink, and gel pen. Her inspiration is derived by capturing a single moment in time and then presenting it to viewers allowing them to make a unique story from their own experiences.

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