Meet the Designer of The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby - Jordan Nichols

Posted by Eric Kearney on Oct 1st 2019

Meet the Designer of The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby - Jordan Nichols

Who is Jordan Nichols?

Jordan Nichols is a California bay area game designer and total tabletop geek! Has been active in the local board game design community for three years and loves attending game nights, designer events, and local conventions. His first game published last spring We Need to Talk is a hilarious party game about helping your friends with their crazy problems. Jordan was developing a space conquest game with his 9-year-old son and BARD Games saw the perfect platform for showcasing the art of Josh Kirby. The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby is his second game and features one of his true passions… DICE! The concept of the grand struggle and morality of good vs. evil on a galactic scale guided the design and Jordan infused it into every aspect of the game from the dice up.

Jordan's Day to Day

Jordan is a construction project manager who has worked on bridges, schools, offices, and prisons all over the state. He enjoys adventuring outdoors by hiking, climbing, boating, and boarding. Indoors he enjoys all types of board games and is an experienced war gamer and miniature painter. BARD Games is thrilled to work with Jordan and we look forward to playing many more of his games in the future.

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