The Fickle Project Calendar

Posted by Eric Kearney on Mar 23rd 2019

The Fickle Project Calendar

So Fickle is launching on Kickstarter this year, but does that mean you'll get your copy? Yes! In fact BARD Games expects to fulfill all Kickstarter backers orders within just a few months. What else should you be on the lookout Fickle wise? Here are a couple key events to be on the lookout for.

Kickstarter Preview

We will layout the Kickstarter information for our followers early so that you can be ready as soon as the campaign is live. This is to include details on all stretch goals, add-ons and backer levels.

Kickstarter Launch and Live Events

The Kickstarter campaign will go live between  3:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Saturday May 25th 2019. During the launch BARD Games will be hosting a big game event at the Kublacon Game convention. Check out our Press Release for more details on the event.

Kickstarter Ends

When the campaign ends we will immediately be sending out our surveys to finalize your orders. We will cut off survey responses at  7:00 PM PST on Monday July 8th 2019 so that we can get all order details to our manufacturer.


We expect to begin fulfillment in the month of November. We will be keeping all backers updated on the progress of manufacturing and shipping so that you have a clear expectation of when to expect your copy of Fickle to be delivered. We will be holding some contests for our backers so watch for more details.

Stay tuned!

Fickle has been a multi-year project made possible by a lot of different people. We can't wait to show you what we've put together.

Cover Photo by Eric Rothermel

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