The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby Game Overview

Posted by Gerrod Garcia on Sep 10th 2019

The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby Game Overview

Adventure Awaits

Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby features art never before published from the imagination of the fabled Josh Kirby, famed artist of many sci-fi/fantasy novels including Tunnels & Trolls” and Discworld. Explore worlds of bizarre aliens, complex robots and brave spacefarers across a galaxy of adventure in an epic space opera to determine the fate of the galaxy!

Who Are the Players

Players take the role of heroes and conquerors settling and exploring, or destroying and dominating the galaxy to gain victory. You may even find a Scoundrel amongst you has played the savior AND reigned terror in the galaxy to win by whatever means served their purposes. Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby is a worker placement, action dice strategy game that can be played in 20 - 45 minutes, 3 to 5 players, accessible for ages 6 and up. Let's get started.

See it Live

Learn how to play from Eric Kearney at BARD Games


Settle or Conquer Worlds to acquire the most Victory Points for the end of the game to win!

On Your Turn

Each player completes the following on their turn:

  1. Roll the Action Dice!
    • Roll all 3 action dice. Then...
  2. Reroll the Action Dice!
    • After rolling the Action Dice you may make any rerolls available based on your current Morality and any special abilities you have acquired. Once you are done rolling you will…
  3. Take Actions!
    • Spend Action Dice to send ready fleets to Settle or Conquer Worlds, Move your fleets into position, or gain Renown which can be spent to acquire a Champion to help defend the galaxy, or a mighty Dreadnaught to expedite the destruction of worlds!
    • During these actions you will acquire worlds that have been fully settled or conquered by your fleets, gaining you new special abilities and Victory points. You will also adjust your Morality to reflect the consequences of your actions.

Epic Conclusion

The game will end once a player has obtained a certain amount of victory points based on the number of players. Everyone will take one final turn before counting up their points to determine the winner and strongest presence among The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby.

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