Why Kickstarter for Fickle?

Posted by Eric Kearney on Apr 9th 2019

Why Kickstarter for Fickle?

What is Kickstarter? Why is BARD Games using it for Fickle? How do I help? These are some good questions. Let BARD Games explain.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site where individuals/organizations can raise money for their projects. This is not just limited to board games but also, art, science, social justice you name it. Kickstarter is merely a tool that allows these individual to feature their project and centralize where they receive funding to achieve it. Each project has a funding goal and promised rewards to those who back the project. It's simple, if the project reaches its funding goal then the backers contribute money promised, and get their rewards, if not then no one gets anything.

Why is BARD Games using Kickstarter for Fickle?

That game box at the top, doesn't exist yet. It's not sitting on a shelf waiting to be shipped. Crowdfunding allows BARD Games to raise money before placing orders with our manufacturer. It also allows us to validate interest in our product before making that commitment. BARD Games intends to fulfill as quickly as our manufacturer can so we are getting all elements of the final game ready.

How can I help?

Kickstarters succeed because of the individuals who not only contribute financially to a project but also get others involved as well. If you are passionate about our project or our business share it with others. Be on the lookout for our updates don’t be afraid to start a conversation.

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