How the Best Board Game Designers get Playtesters

Posted by Jonathan Grothe on Sep 19th 2018

How the Best Board Game Designers get Playtesters

From concept to finalized game, there is a lot to do to finish your game design. One of the most important is play testing your game at conventions. Protospiel is the perfect convention for this, they are designed for designers to get massive amounts of testing done.

There are many ways to attract players to your game. You can do cosmetic upgrades using stock artwork to make your game appealing, or bring a non-standard color tablecloth. Flashy reading material such as sell sheets, artistic game boxes, or the common “Players Wanted sign”. However these approaches are still passive and only go so far.

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The number one method to get players to your table I learned at GenCon helping AEG Big Game Night. Hold up the box cover (or game sign) in one hand. Raise your other hand and display the number of players you need to fill your game with your fingers. Scan the room and make eye contact with others, this is basically asking from across the room if they will join. Continue showing the box and remaining seats until your table is full. This method works extremely well at catching players looking for the next game from all across the room.