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  • 5 Clown Sleeve Packs
  • 5 Vibrant Deck Boxes
  • 1 Time Walker Tote Bag

Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet

Fire and Water. Forest and Desert. 5 warring Factions or your favorite player colors. Games need to color code cards! We are making it easy for fellow game designers with this exclusive Deck Box Bundle! We selected 5 of our most vibrant color deck boxes. Then we paired each box with matching color Clown Sleeves. Each pack of Clown Sleeves includes 50 poker sized sleeves, designed for a standard poker card and extra room to add your printed card designs. To bring it all together, we bundle them all in our Time Walker tote bag (shoulder cord style) to ensure your 'go bag' is ready for game night. Protect your favorite card games, or your new design, with this exclusive deal. 


5 Clown Sleeve packs:

  • 5 individually wrapped clown sleeve packs (250 total sleeves)
  • Transparent, glossy front. Card backs in Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Violet
  • Sleeve Size: 67mm x 92mm
  • Extremely sturdy, ideal for tournaments and frequent card changes
  • Suitable for all standard sized trading, collectible, living and board game cards

5 Vibrant Color Deck Boxes:

  • Plastic individually packaged Deck Boxes in 5 colors; Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet
  • Holds 100 sleeves, perfect for prototypes with multiple layers of cards/paper inserts

Time Walker Tote Bag:

  • Binder sized tote holds all deck boxes with room for more
  • Time Walker branded black nylon to reduce damage from abrasion, dust, UV and moisture attacks. 

About Time Walker

Time Walker is a game accessories brand with proven quality and comparable selection. They offer the quality of game accessories you need at an affordable price. BARD Games is proud to carry the Time Walker brand. Check out more of their products.