Corporate America Gilded Edition

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Product Overview

Build a business empire and manipulate the government to make the most money.

Corporate America is a political satire board game about corporate influence over government. The game uses humor (a lot of it) to address otherwise dull and serious issues. At the same time, Corporate America is deeply strategic and extremely engaging, featuring unique negotiation and bidding mechanics. It’s great for gamers, political junkies, people who like to laugh, or groups of all three.

  • Number of Players: 3 to 6 Players
  • Ages: 14 years of age or older
  • Game Time: Approximately 60 minutes
What's In the Box:
  • 162 poker cards
    • 60 business
    • 54 consumer
    • 40 legislation
    • 8 executive privileges
  • 180 mini money cards
  • 1 game board
  • 1 wooden Washington monument
  • 1 wooden seal of the president
  • 1 rule book

SFGATE Recommends:

A lot of wit and imagination went into this puckish satire on our plutocratic - I mean democratic - system of government. Created as a Kickstarter project by Oakland game designer Teale Fristoe, the game embodies the revolving door of industry and politics. Players try to maximize their cash as each turn cycles through Wall Street (build a business), Main Street (attract consumers), the Campaign Trail (spend on politicians who will benefit their business) and Capitol Hill (the presidency goes to whoever got the most contributions). The game tends to sacrifice a little depth for the sake of humor, but there are some genuine strategic decisions at work - and the jokes and design are top-notch

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