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Product Overview

Game Overview

Your goal in Fickle is to build a balanced fairy alliance in five rounds and win the Queen's crown with the highest favor score. Each card represents a single fairy from one of the five families, each with powers you use to manipulate cards. Choose a fairy card, add it to your alliance, then resolve its family power. Easy, except that with all those powers, fairies don't seem to stay in one alliance for long. They tend to be...fickle.


How to Play

To set up a game, players choose five fairy suits to start a game from the 22 Amy Brown fairies families in the box. Each round of the game you'll receive a 3 card deck created by an opponent, your own "press your luck". Look at the top card, then decide whether to keep it or discard it to draw the next card, mind games! Once you choose a fairy, add it to your scoring alliance and then resolve its powers.

Download the Rules

Download the Solo Rules

How to Win

After the fifth round, players score each fairy suit in their alliance. Fairies want equal influence in your alliance, so scores are based on an inverse scoring curve:

  • 1 card of a suit: Score its favor value.
  • 2 cards: Score 0 points.
  • 3-4 cards: Lose points equal to the card of this suit with the highest favor.
  • 5 or more cards of a suit: Score the summed value of all these cards.

The player with the highest favor score wins.


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Fickle Play Mat

Fickle Play Mat

Fickle eBook

Fickle eBook

Game Artwork

Amy Brown

Game Designer

Glenn Cotter

Awards and Recognition

  • Unfiltered Gamer Seal of Approval
  • Board Game Geek Hotness List June 2019

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(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 4

    Posted by Angela Fortunato on Dec 27th 2020

    A unique and beautiful game. I wish it could be played with 2 people though.

  • 5
    A biased, insiders review!

    Posted by Brandon (Employee) on Apr 9th 2020

    Fickle is a wonderful addition to any game night. It is fast to play, has insane replay ability and is easy to bring to any table with the amazing fairy art of Amy Brown. Casual gamers will love the ease of play. Crunchy gamers will discover the depth of our shuffle builder system and enjoy finding new combinations to craft the game play experience. This is a must have for your shelfy!