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Fickle officially funded on Kickstarter on June 18th 2019! Be sure to visit for updates on the campaign.

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Fickle is now available for pre-order through BARD Games. If you missed our kickstarter reserve your copy today. Retailers can order by the case as well (packs of 6 games)


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The official rules of Fickle have been finalized and posted! Signup and download the rules to start planning your first hands of Fickle.

Game Overview

Who will wear the Fairy Crown? The harvest moon is on the rise. The Fairy Families gather for the Ritual of Ascendancy. It is time to renew alliances and appoint a new Queen-- which should be you. Building an Alliance between the Fairy Families is key to becoming the new Queen. All Fairy desire representation in your council, and offer their unique abilities to aid you in securing the crown. Use their powers wisely to achieve a balanced alliance!

Fickle is designed by Glenn Cotter and features the legendary fairy art of Amy Brown. Fickle is an inverse set collection card game for three to five players. Players gather Favor points by collecting the Fairy cards. Each round players trick their opponents by creating a "Peek or Pass" press your luck line up of Fairies. The player at the end of 5 rounds with the highest Favor value wins. By choosing which Fairy decks to add to your game, Fickle can be customized to match your play style; focus on scoring, direct actions, bluffing and deceit, and social affects.

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Hear it straight from the BARD. During our Kickstarter we had the pleasure of speaking with The Social Deduction Network about Fickle. Read the Interview.

Meet the Designer - Glenn Cotter

Glenn Cotter has a life-long passion for games and movies, and has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He began his career as an artist on video games, then transitioned to work in the film industry.  By day Glenn is a visual effects artist working at ILM on feature films, while designing board games at night.  Glenn lives in Berkeley CA with his loving wife and 2 wonderful kids.  Fickle is his first published game. Learn more about Glenn.

Meet the Artist - Amy Brown

Amy Brown has been creating fairy art since the 90's. All of the fairies featured in Fickle are original creations. Learn more about Amy

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