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Ever hard at work, BARD Games has been scribbling away to get these games just right for you!. We plan to release one more game in 2019; The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby, and co publish two more Sherlock Holmes the Vanishing Man (by Dynamite Comics) and Pocket General WWII (by Pacific Rim Publishing). We're excited to work with some wonderful partners to create stellar games with fantastic art. Looking to add something special to your board game collection? Well, look no further!

The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby


Save worlds, or conquer them?

​Deploy your rocket ships to explore the worlds in a race to settle, or conquer planets. This game features rediscovered art of the fabled illustrator Josh Kirby (Discworld, Star Wars -Return of the Jedi movie poster). The Lost Worlds of Josh Kirby is set to be on Kickstarter and fulfill in late 2019!

3-5 Players - 20 Minutes - Ages 8+

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Sherlock Holmes - Vanishing Man

Sherlock Holmes Box Cover

Manipulate clues, thwart your opponents.

Sherlock Holmes - Vanishing Man is a competitive puzzle game where players scour London for clues while manipulating the clue value for end of game scoring. As players find clues the board changing hiding clues and revealing others. Players have to balance obtaining clues with clue rarity. As clues are obtained their value decrease.

3-5 Players - 30-60 Minutes - Ages 12+

Sherlock Holmes will be launching on Kickstarter in 2019 from Dynamite Comics

Pocket General WWII


Lead them to Victory!

Pocket General is WWII from the high command. Lead Axis or Allied global forces. You must fight on the oceans, conquer the beaches, battle through fields and streets in order to invade your enemy's capital and win. Commit your forces and cast the die. The Pocket General system is an introduction to war-gaming without the time commitment. Pocket General WWII was designed by Brandon Raasch from BARD Games and is published by Pacific Rim Publishing and is now available on our store.

2 Players - 45 Minutes - Ages 12+

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Future Projects

Duel of Dragons


Featuring the amazing illustrations of Ruth Thompson, this card game is a trick takers delight! Manipulate the elemental dragons to prepare your attack, then bid with your Dragon cards to best all players with every hand.  ​Unique mechanics include a light bluffing, hand management and card backs that signal limited information during the combat phase.

Suitable for: 3 - 5 players - 25 minutes - Ages 8+

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Tater Freighter


Don't let the silly name fool ya! This game gets played over and over again at every play-test. Based on the classic "prisoner's Dilemma', play your vehicle card to collect a resource... unless another player did the same thing. This game is quick, light-hearted and frustrating fun.

3 to 7 Players - 8 minutes - Ages 8+

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Battlefield Earth


The Human Race has fallen!

There is only one currency that matters in the future...leverage! Fight your fellow players over control of the galaxy. Gather as much gold as you can and claim Earth for your own. Battlefield Earth is a game that features the art from the anticipated graphic novel planned to release in 2020!

2 to 6 Players - 15 to 40 Minutes - Ages 12+

World At Risk


Conquer the World...and More!

Players compete in a race to conquer countries. Once a player collects all the countries of a continent it is conquered and controlled by that player. Claiming victory points for your countries. If you get the most points you win. Play for the world and even the moon.

3 to 7 Players - 30 to 60 Minutes - Ages 8+

Legions of Rome


Maneuver your legions through your opponents to outflank them. Surround your enemies capitol to win. Save Rome or sack the Eternal City. Legions of Rome is a tile laying game for two players that feature actual military formation maneuvers of infantry, cavalry, and artillery.

2 Players - 25 Minutes - Ages 7+

Published Games


Learn more about Fickle

Can you mislead your fellow fairies, craft the best spells and collect the best set of magic? Only the craftiest fey can win! This 'inverse set collection' game offers a unique decision dilemma each deal, and an "All or None" scoring system that will have you zapping your friends with cards that evoke a fairies politique. Fickle features the fairy art of Amy Brown.

Fickle was successfully funded on Kickstarter and published in June, 2019!

3 - 5 Players - 20 minutes - Ages 12+

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Trump This... - 2016


Can you dis, like the Don? No one can slam people, politics or your friends like the Don...but now you can try. Use real Trump quotes to dis' on history, famous figures and the people you know. Play the best quote to Trump the deal. Trump enough deals to win the game.

Trump This was successfully funded on Kickstarter and published in 2016.

3-7 Players - 20 Minutes - Ages 18+

Lair of the Lich King - 2015


Are you Orc enough to raid the Lair of the Lich King?

Then welcome to the tribe! Dubious Alliance is a fantasy role playing adventure with the speed and fun of a bluffing card game.

In the Second Adventure Path of Dubious Alliance you must band together to survive monsters. deadly traps, curses, the mighty Lich King and even the treachery of other players. If any player is killed the game ends and everyone loses!

A successfully funded Kickstarter, Lair of the Lich King was funded and published in 2015.

 Dubious Alliance - 2014


Are you Orc enough to join the Alliance? You are an Orc of the Gore Stained Axe Tribe racing to outwit each other, command the tribe and win. However you must also work together to survive monsters, traps and a Colossal Dragon. If any Player dies, everyone loses... Truly a Dubious Alliance.

Ready to trick your friends, hoard treasure, slay monsters and adventure like a fantasy role playing game, all with the speed and fun of a fast paced card game? Then welcome to the tribe!

A successfully funded Kickstarter, Dubious Alliance was the first published game by BARD Games.

3-7 Players - 30-60 Minutes - Ages 12+