Pocket General WWII

Lead Them to Victory!

Are you ready to win the smallest world war ever? Pocket General WWII is a two player table top strategy game that fits in your pocket. Pocket General WWII is co-published by Pacific Rim Publishing and BARD Games and is available for pre-purchase now.


Game Summary

Inspired by hex style war games, Pocket General uses many aspects of strategy war games to recreate the global view of World War II. Playing as the Axis or Allies, deploy units, reinforce, feint, calculate odds and roll the unique Combat Die to plan your battles, conquer key terrains and win. 

Demonstration Video

Let Designer and Founder of BARD Games Brandon Raasch take you through a game which pits Axis against Allies in a quest for global control in a quick travel sized game with the depth of a combat hex game. 

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