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Quite a Fickle Bunch

Fickle is an inverse set collection card game for three to five players where they try to get the most points by collecting the most power spells. Throughout the game players trick their opponents by passing them spells using a press your luck kind of espionage. Let Brandon from BARD Games give you a quick over of Fickle which features the legendary fairy art from Amy Brown. Fickle is designed by Glenn Cotter. Enjoy!


Meet the Designer - Glenn Cotter

Glenn Cotter  has a life-long passion for games and movies, and has been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He began his career as an artist on videogames, then transitioned to work in the film industry.  By day Glenn is a visual effects artist working at ILM on feature films, while designing board games at night.  Glenn lives in Berkeley CA with his loving wife and 2 wonderful kids.  Fickle will be his first published game.

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