Sherlock Holmes Vanishing Man

The Game is a Foot!

The drone of Big Ben counts the seconds to midnight. Footsteps echo in the fog of the ally shadows. Accused of a string of murders, you race across London to find the overlooked clues needed to clear your name before others can cover up the trail...


Game Summary

Sherlock Holmes- Brain Games is a competitive puzzle designed by Rohan Dagard. To win you must manipulate the score in at the end of the game in your favor. This is done by increasing the frequency of London Clues held by other players, while keeping your clue tiles rare. Read the RULEBOOK to learn how.

Game Components


Publication Update

Sherlock Holmes the Vanishing Man will be launched on Kickstarter by Dynamite Comics in 2019. BARD Games will be active in promoting and selling our co-design, including the future release of rules for a bonus character, Harry Houdini!