Super Ego Card Sleeves

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Ready to lord over your friends? Then you need Super Ego Card Sleeves from Time Walker. These sleeves give you the durability of a thickening sleeve with the add splash of color to stand out the crowd. The sleeve backing makes shuffling a breeze while you replenish your draw deck so you can keep your mind on the game. Give yourself piece of mind knowing that your sleeves performance and appearance are superior.


  • 80 sleeves per pack
  • Size: 67mm x 92mm
  • Material: German PP, Acid/PVC Free
  • Extremely sturdy, ideal for tournaments
  • Frosting back for superb shuffling feel
  • Suitable for all standard sized trading, collectible, living and board game cards.

About Time Walker

Time Walker is a game accessories brand with proven quality and comparable selection. They offer the quality of game accessories you need at an affordable price. BARD Games is proud to carry the Time Walker brand. Check out more of their products.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review