Tater Freighter

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Product Overview

Will you captain the Tater Freighter? be the baron of the Jam Tram? Fly the Shrimp Blimp? Or will you skip out and just Tater Later? In Tater Freighter, players try to outwit their opponents using their vehicles to swipe the most food. The person with the most food at the end of five rounds wins.


  • Number of Players: 3 - 6
  • Ages: 3+
  • Duration: 5 - 7 minutes

How to Play

Each player begins the game with 6 cards. These cards represent the vehicles you need to use to collect food cards. Some vehicles let you gain multiple resources if they are left unclaimed by others. In each of the 6 rounds, all players choose vehicles secretly and reveal them simultaineously. vehicles are resolved in a set order to claim resources which are split among players accordingly. Sometimes resources can't be split and sit for others to claim them. When all vehicle cards have been exhausted, the game is over. Tally your resources.

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How to Win

The person with the most points at the end of the game wins. The more food you claim the more points you get. Outsmart the other players to pick the right vehicle to claim the most food each round. At the end of six rounds count up all our food cards to determine your score.

What's In the Box

  • 56 Food/Resource Cards
    • Limes (11)
    • Grains (11)
    • Shrimps (11)
    • Jams (11)
    • Taters (11)
    • Special Snow Cone (1)
  • 7 Reference Cards
  • 42 Player Vehicle Cards (6 cards each for 7 players)
    • Zip Limes (6)
    • Grain Planes (6)
    • Shrimp Blimps (6)
    • Jam Trams (6)
    • Tater Freighters (6)
    • Tater Laters (6)
    • 1 Rulesheet
    • 7 Freighter Board Tiles
    • Game Mat sold separately

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    Wanna learn more about Tater Freighter. See the story of how this great game came to be.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review