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BARD Games presents Tater Freighter! Tater Freighter is a fast press you luck card game for three to seven players where your goal is to get the most food before you run out of vehicles. Players scheme to outsmart their opponents to grab the resources in fist. When we say fast, we mean fast. Games last less than ten minutes. Risk vs. reward! Easy to learn, hard to guess what actions your friends will take! Tater Freighter is designed by Sam LaFleche.

Tater Freighter Cards


Ages: 12 and up

Time: 10 minutes

Players: 3 to 7

Tater Freighter Cards

How to Play

Let Eric from BARD Games teach you Tater Freighter in this Quickplay


Tater Freighter funded on Kickstarter on November 17th 2020.

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Tater Freighter

The Kickstarter has funded follow the journey, from the factory to your door!

Tater Freight Livestream #2

Unfiltered Gamer & The Guild House join us for Tater Freighter on TTS!

Tater Freighter
Goes Live

Watch the Livestream of Digital Tater Freighter, played on Tabletop Simulator.

Why Use

A perfect storm of events in 2020, created some unique hurdles to solve.


Learn about the origins of Tater Freighter game designer Sam LaFleche.

Testing Tabletop Tater

Tater Freighter will be on Tabletop Simulator! Watch us fumble through our test of it!

Campaign Has Funded!

Tater Freighter funded in the first week of our campaign. Visit the Kickstarter to see the progress.

Zip Lime Drink Recipe

Cool down with this refreshing Zip Lime beverage. Get the recipe today!

Campaign Launched!

Tater Freight Kickstarter campaign is now live. Help Tater Freighter reach its stretch goals!

Tater Freighter Trailer

Get Ready for Tater Freighter. Check out this simple how to play trailer for Tater Freighter.

Tater Freighter on BGG

Tater Freighter is now in the BGG database. Leave us a review to help our popularity!

Meet the Designer - Sam LaFleche

Sam LaFleche Portrait

Sam LaFleche is the game designer of Tater Freighter. Learn more about Sam, his design process and get some insight into how Tater Freighter came to be!

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Reviews & Spotlights

See what other are saying about Tater Freighter.


Sequential Planet

"Tater Freighter is one of the easiest games we have had the privilege to learn."

The Cardboard Stacker

The Cardboard Stacker

"A small, fast, quick little card game, that you can play in five – ten minutes."


Unfiltered Gamer

"Any game my daughters can legitimately win is is a keeper in my book."

Circle of

Circle of Nerds

"Easy to learn and quick to pick up. I enjoyed this game and I think you will too."


Logan Chops

"Tater Freighter is great food collecting fun. All aboard the Tater Freighter!"

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