Xenoskin Flip Deck Case 100+

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Product Overview

High quality deck box with innovative XenoSkin material and magnetic closure. This Flip Case holds up to 80 double-sleeved or 120+ single-sleeved gaming cards in standard size, like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and others.

Optimized for double-sleeved cards
Holds up to 80 DOUBLE-SLEEVED CARDS or 100+ single-sleeved cards, standard size

Very strong closure 
NEW: 4 magnets for a perfect and very strong closure 

Durable rigid box for maximum protection 
The extra durable and rigid box protects your cards during transport and keeps your collection safe during storage. 

High-class leatherette material 
The soft but robust leatherette material with its high-class look and feel makes the Flip Case a luxury suite for your cards.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review